Compressor copeland scroll

Copeland Scroll history of the Emerging and Sustainable

Copeland compressor Copeland corporation is the product of a division of Emerson Electric, Copeland corporation founded by Edmund coepland, an inventor from michigan city who founded his own company in the Detroit in 1921. The company is engaged in manufacturing compressors for the refrigeration industry, and it became the system The first cooling is successfully developed by Copeland and mounted at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, but due to financial problems during the great depression kebisnis Edmund Copeland entered another, while Dallas winslow acquire all assets of the company and the business move. Copeland then evolve and change of ownership, copeland semi hermetic compressor and developing after Copeland merged into a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Company of St. Lois in October 1986. When Emerson first pioneered the use of technology scroll compressor will forever change the technology industry since copelan scroll always be the front line for application HVACR contractors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with superior efficiency, proven reliability and ease istalasi

Copeland development for the Environment

As the industry transitions Refrigerant R-22 switching to more environmentally friendly, namely R420A, a surprising thing has happened switchover takes place so fast that in anticipation of the market is 50% and even higher in the R-420A in line with expectations. With nearly 10 million Copeland scroll compressor R-410A are installed worldwide, with that we have the industry's broadest line of environmentally friendly. Visit for more spesification and the price that products.

Since its introduction, Copeland Scroll compressor has revolutionized the residential and commercial air conditioning and commercial refrigeration. Emerson's Copeland Scroll compressor has been used by all air conditioning and refrigeration systems the main providers in the United States, as well as by many others around the world.

Copeland Scroll compressor has a worldwide reputation for providing energy efficiency and reliability. Harga compressor copeland No wonder Emerson Copeland Scroll compressors are appearing in more places every day. Over the years, more than 100 million Copeland Scroll compressors have been built and installed - run the air conditioning that cools our homes and businesses and powering the cooling system that keeps perishable foods and medications at a safe temperature.

Emerson now bring technological innovation to the generation of heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration industry. We added electronics and diagnostic intelligence capabilities for scroll compressors us to further improve efficiency, enable more precise temperature control, and help identify potential problems before they become real.

This innovation extends the capabilities Copeland Scroll compressors to support the application of A / C and a new cooling, as well as to extend the benefits of cooling technology to countries around the world.

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